Client Collaborations

Client 6


This was a design internship that changed my perspective of the fashion industry. I worked with making prototypes, to helping style on set for e-commerce. This was a truly rewarding experience to work with the talented people at this brand

Hudson's Bay

This was such a rewarding experience.  I worked with the amazing art directors and photographers that bring their online content to life. I am still very grateful for this experience and use the things I learned there even to this day. 

Client 3


When Noura came to me with the opportunity to work for a women's jewelry brand, I knew it would be a meaningful collaboration. I've collaborated with them for more than 7 years as Art Director, Producer and Style Editor. More than just a client, they’ll always be an important inspiration in all the work I do.

Client 5

LXR & Co.

LXR & Co. was among my first clients. We found each other when I was just starting out and we’ve maintained a good relationship since. Working with this client has given me wisdom that I’ve applied to later projects, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.