Mejuri Bold Chains Edit

The bold chains collection was a chance to take a more sophisticated approach to styling - a departure from the brand's typical younger millennial marketing style direction.

Here we opted for suit sets and inventive details in styling to communicate a sophistication to the collection. A woman whom is career driven, and could spend a bit more on her jewelry.

As part of the aesthetic direction for the creative, we wanted to reveal parts of the set - including backdrops and lighting equipment - as we wanted to have more of a fashion editorial feel.

This shifted the focus from just the jewelry to a dual focus on the jewelry, worn with clothing. For the first time we began to showcase how the jewelry could be worn with different outfits. This concept was a milestone for the brand and is how they continue to operate aesthetically and stylistically.

Photographer: Carlyle Routh
Fashion and Style Direction: Catrina Chen
Stylist: Georgia Groom