Sticky Rice Magazine

This editorial is a study in gender for Montreal based magazine Sticky Rice. We sought to challenge the concept of gendered clothing and how society views assigned gender roles. As my graduating thesis, this subject was very close to my heart.

The creative direction was inspired by a post-apocalyptic theme to symbolize pulling off the lid of society's conventional thoughts about gender and clothing.

We intentionally dressed the models in garments that were neither masculine nor feminine, partnering with brands such as Commes Des Garçons, Issey Miyake, Rick Owens, Acronym and Nike ACG, as well as utilizing constructed clothing from my personal archives.

We placed the subjects against the vast backdrop of nature, seeking to represent how the question of gender transcends the boundaries of fashion and is applicable universally. The burning sky of the post-apocalyptic backdrop is meant to suggest both the end and the beginning of a new school of thought. The models were encouraged to show the cameras how they felt in each wardrobe ensemble, and be as unfiltered as possible in order to showcase how this idea of gender can affect the wearer.

This creative was published in the 2021 January issue of Sticky Rice Magazine.

Photographer: Dan Gonzales
Creative Direction, Style Direction and Production: Catrina Chen
Stylist: Moé Nurse